Children’s Ballet 1Ages 2-4 Tuesday FaustMonday 4:00-4:45 Saturday 10:00-10:45Sign up here
Children’s Ballet 2Ages 4-5 Tuesday FaustSaturday 11:00-11:45Sign up here
Children’s Ballet 3Ages 6-7 Tuesday FaustWednesday 4:00-4:45 Saturday 11:45-12:30Sign up here
Children’s TapAges 5-7 Michelle RoaqueWednesday 5:00-5:30Sign up here
Theater Play @ TWIRLAges 1.5+ Amber VasquezTuesday 11:00-11:45Sign up here
Ballet @ TWIRLAges 2+ Amber VasquezFriday 11:00-11:45Sign up here
Community Class. By donationAll ages, all familiesSaturday 12:30-1:30Sign up here


Children’s Ballet

Children’s level ballet begins with a ballet warmup, prop dance, stretches, step of the day and locomotor movement. Each class incorporates children’s literature and classical music inspiring the student’s imagination as they embody the story through dance. Young students will gain an awareness and control of their bodies as they develop flexibility, balance, strength and spatial awareness – a wonderful foundation for a healthy body. Students will gain social and emotional intelligence as they learn in a supportive environment where they take turns, listen and follow directions, share, and work together as a group. Students will develop discipline as they learn the etiquette of a ballet class. Dance creates a strong sense of community as the students artfully work together towards a performance. French vocabulary, musicality and ballet technique are the elements of each class as they explore their creativity and confidence through movement.