Welcome to the 2017/2018 School Year!

Classes Begin Monday, August 21st

Hey Students and parents!

We are so happy to welcome you back to a new dance year.
First, we are pleased to welcome back our little dream team of teachers, Tuesday Faust, Casandra Romero, Michelle Roaque and Ang’el Wilson Palmer. We will also have some guest teachers joining us throughout the year in modern, flamenco and ballet for both senior and junior levels.
This year our end of year show is back from its hiatus with Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax- “The silky soft tufts of the Truffula trees are the perfect stuffs to knit the perfect Thneeds. But the first chop, chop of the perilous ax begins the powerful tale of The Lorax. When the last tree of the forest falls, was it worth losing paradise for nothing at all? The most beloved environmental tale of all time.”

The TYB Company will be presenting Hans Christian Anderson’s The ugly duckling and The red shoes again, due to its popularity over the summer! The TYB company has been invited to perform for the Regeneration Festival in September, and we will be collaborating with international artists to bring a dance art project to The Paseo in late September. TYB will also be performing The Nativity Story in December. Please remember that waiting rooms are for your convenience. The waiting rooms are for waiting, reading, and quiet conversation. I ask that you please respect the activities of the classes in session. Your courtesy will be greatly appreciated.
Remember to arrive to the studio with adequate time to prepare for class, parking, changing, restroom, etc. All students should visit the bathroom before class begins. Parents, for your children’s safety, please be available in the waiting room to receive students when dismissed from class.
I always welcome your comments and suggestions. If any parent/student wishes a private conference concerning your individual dance goals or financial concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to work with you to ensure that your school year will be one of pleasure and growth.

Amber (575) 770-0189 amber@taosdance.com amber@taosdanccom

Download student handbook here

Studio Policies

Evaluation and Placement:
We ask everyone to be patient the first month of classes. During this time both students and instructors will be learning about each other and the class as a whole. Some classes may not be the size that we anticipated and we will try to move students to different classes or add an additional instructor to eliminate this problem. Some students, for their benefit, may need to be moved because of their ability. It is a difficult and exciting time and we ask for your understanding as we make any necessary adjustments.

Is based on correct placement, skill mastery and instructor recommendation, not purely by age. This means that there may be students of varying ages in certain classes. Placement will be based on an individual Student’s age, ability, potential, length of study and experience. The Student’s attitude, interests and goals will also be taken into consideration. Students will be evaluated throughout each semester to determine if they are in the class that best meets and addresses their skill and ability level. Please note that both Amber and one other teacher work together to determine student placement or advancement.

Watch Days
We encourage parents to follow their dancer’s progress throughout the year. Watch days during the semester allow parents to actually “sit in” on classes.

Skirt Days
The last day that your dancers class meets each month is Skirt Week. Students may wear a dance skirt to class. Skirts are provided for those students who do not have their own.

TYB observes the same vacation schedule as Taos Public Schools, with the exception of Monday holidays and teacher in-service days. A listing of holidays will be provided in September.

Parents, I try very hard to keep our dancers and their families informed. It is your responsibility to stay informed. If you are not receiving the monthly email please let the office know so that we may add you to our contact list. I encourage you to come in on a regular basis and check the bulletin board for information.
Here are the ways you can find out what is happening at the studio:
• I send out a monthly email & post it on the website (student page)
• I update the website weekly including our interactive online calendar
• Notices are posted monthly on the TYB board at the studio
• important reminders for the week are posted on the studio door
• On occasion we will send home notices
• A paper version of the newsletter is always available from the office.
• Important reminders are always left in our voicemail

Inclement Weather Policy (Snow & Ice Days)
Taos Youth Ballet will closely follow the both Taos Public School system and UNM’s decision for canceling school and classes. If school is canceled for the day due to snow, or calls for an early dismissal due to weather or if UNM cancels their evening classes and activities, we will be closed. If there is a late opening or delay our classes will meet as scheduled. If you have questions or are uncertain about whether classes will be held please call (575) 770-0189, check our website: www.taosdance.com or email Amber amber@taosdance.com.


Dance Rooms
There are 2 dance studios, with state of the art sprung “Marley “ Dance floors, barres & mirrors. Parents, siblings or visitors are not permitted in the dance rooms unless invited in by an instructor or on special occasions. Students are not allowed in the dance rooms until class time. Please have students wait quietly in the lobby until the scheduled class start time. When it is time for class, the instructor will bring the students into the classroom in an orderly manner. No chewing gum, candy, food and/or drinks are allowed in the dance rooms with the exception of water. Street shoes are not permitted on the Marley floors, this ruins the floors. Please remember that Dance Shoes should never be worn outside of the dance studio so that dirt is not tracked into the studio.

Parents and siblings are asked to wait in the lobby. Only students are allowed in the dance rooms except on special occasions. We have a large viewing window into studio “A” and the door for studio “B” will be left open at the discretion of the instructor for viewing. The blinds may be left open as well so that you can watch from outside the building.

Lobby/Waiting Area
Please be responsible for cleaning up after your dancer and siblings.
If any area of the studio needs our attention, please let a member of our staff know.
Please do not allow children to rough-house, horse-play, or to run up/down.
Absolutely no children should be left unattended or unsupervised.
Please note that Taos Youth Ballet is only responsible for children in classes.

Casandra Romero is the studio manager and office guru at Taos Youth Ballet. If you have any questions about your account, rehearsals, events, studio rentals etc. you can talk to her during regular office hours, or by calling (575) 770-0189.

Office Hours
The studio is generally closed during the day. You are always welcome to call or email at any time and we will return your message as soon as we are in the office. The studio office hours are only open Monday- Thursday from 3:30-6:30 and Saturdays from 9:30-1pm. The office will also follow in-climate weather and holiday closures.

Tuition Policies

• FALL SEMESTER – AUGUST – DECEMBER (17 weeks of instruction will be billed)
• SPRING SEMESTER – JANUARY – MAY (17 weeks of instruction will be billed)
• SUMMER SESSION – JUNE-JULY (8 weeks will be billed or 2- four week sessions)

Monthly Class Fees

Tuition is based on the number of hours taken by the student each week. You can use the chart below to determine the monthly tuition cost.

Payment Policies

• Payment is due monthly
• Payments are due the first week of each month.
• Payments may be made at the office, or by mail.
• Any account unpaid after the (15) fifteenth of the month will have late charges assessed for 5% of the total monthly tuition.
• You will not be receiving a statement from our office for your monthly tuition. If at any time you would like a printed statement of your account you may request one.
• We announce tuition due by newsletter, on our website our year calendar, our posted studio calendar and by sign on the front door.
• We do not prorate for missed classes.
• There will be no refunds for missed or dropped classes.
• Balances over 6 months will be sent to small claim court

Insurance Fees
An Annual Insurance Fee is due once a year at the time of registration along with a one month Tuition Deposit which will be applied to the first month of dance classes. The Insurance fee is $15.00 for an individual student registering during the school year, or $7.00 for an individual student registering during the summer. Insurance Fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Discounts and Rebates
• A 5% discount is available when paying for an entire semester. If classes are added within the semester, regular fee applies. If classes are dropped, there are no refunds.
• A 10% discount is available when paying for the entire year. If classes are added within the semester, the regular fee applies.
• There are no refunds for semester payments but a credit will remain on the account for a year after the payment was made.
• There is a discount for multiple classes within a family, the more hours a family takes, the bigger the discount.
• Boys tuition is always 40% off

Method of Payments
We accept checks, cash and credit cards (credit card transactions will be subject to an on-line service fee).
You are welcome to come into the office to pay, you can pay online on our parent portal, or you can drop a payment in our payment box in the waiting room.

Late Fee Policy

There will be a late charge on tuition received after the 7th day of the month. In the event of illness or if you will be out of town or miss class on the week that tuition is due you may mail a tuition check to the studio. Studio mailing address is “TYB PO BOX 640 Arroyo Hondo, NM 87513”.

Overdue balances procedure
A statement will be sent home for amount due with late charges assessed for overdue payments of 30 days. Any student with an overdue balance of more than 60 days will not be allowed into class until payment is received in full or payment arrangements have been made. If a balance remains after 6 months the account will be taken to small claims court for collection. If for any reason you decide to discontinue your classes, you must call the office and disenrolled your student from classes. You are obligated to pay for tuition for every month your child is enrolled regardless of attendance because we are reserving a space in the class for that student.

Unpaid Accounts
Students with Unpaid Accounts will not be able to register for the following semester, in the event of a recital all accounts must be paid in full prior to participation in the recital. All account must be paid in full before starting class again.

Withdrawal Policy

We understand that a student may be unable to or choose to no longer continue taking class. A dancer may withdraw from class at any time and return at a later date IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE. Please notify Casandra if your dancer will not be continuing with classes. Please remember that semester tuition, recital and insurance fees are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to withdraw from a class in order to stop tuition charges from being posted to your account. The office will call a student who has missed four classes in a row, but will not disenroll the student without consent. Upon Withdrawl you will be responsible for any balance due up to that withdrawal point.

Attendance Policies

It is important that dancers attend all scheduled classes. Regular attendance is imperative for consistent progress and to ensure that the dancer receives the maximum benefit from the class. This is especially true in group classes where a student’s absence will have an effect on the formations involving other students and placement in the choreography of routines. It is the student and/or parents responsibility for obtaining any information missed when absent.
**Remember, tuition is due whether or not a dancer is able to attend all classes in a month. Credit is not given for missed classes.

If a dancer must miss class for any reason please call the studio at (575) 770-0189 prior to the scheduled class so that we may notify the teacher. If a student knows in advance that they will be absent from class, please let the instructor know before the day of the class. When you enroll in a class that time and spot in that class is reserved for you and must be paid for regardless of attending the class or not.

Make-up Classes
A make-up class is allowed for students who have missed their scheduled class time. A missed class due to illness can be made up by taking a class of the same level. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance and will only be granted if space is available in a class. A Make-up Permission Slip must be filled out with the office on the day a class is made up. No make-ups will be allowed after April 15th.

If you would like to speak with the instructor or if you or your dancer has a problem, we will be more than happy to discuss the issue or situation with you. However, because classes should begin on time and due to the limited amount of time between classes, it is not always possible to speak or meet with the instructor during a student’s scheduled class time, therefore we would need to arrange a time when the instructor can give you their undivided attention. Any major concerns should always be brought to the attention of Amber. Senior level ballet students are always welcome to schedule a yearly 30 min private for tips and advice on advancement.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available but are not included as part of the Unlimited
Class Plan. Private lessons are $60.00 an hour. You may purchase a private package which offers discounted rates. Please visit the office to schedule a private or inquire about pricing.


End of Year Performance

We produce an end of year recital every other year. This year we will be performing The Lorax.

Other Performances
Dancers ages 8 and up, will have plenty of opportunities to participate in community performances. Auditions will be announced on our community board located in the studio lobby. Community performances give dancers the opportunity to show the skills that they have been working on throughout the year. It is not mandatory to participate, but is a rewarding experience which I highly recommend. It helps young dancer builds confidence and gains skills working together with other dancers.

Taos Youth Ballet will purchase and keep all costumes for use in later years. If you would like to purchase your costumes please talk to Amber or Casandra. Costume prices range from $45.00-$120.00 a piece.

Ballet Etiquette

Studio etiquette is very important. All guests, students, and teachers are expected to be courteous and treat one another with respect and dignity. Always Be On Time:
Arriving late is disruptive to the overall flow of the class. Teachers carefully plan class lessons to build on the previous exercises. Students should arrive 5 – 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Students more than 10 min late may watch class but not participate. Hair:
Hair should always be firmly secured in a bun. Ponytails and braids can be dangerous, hitting you or someone else during class. Dancers with their hair down or in a ponytail will be sent out of class. Students should not wear jewelry. We do allow small earrings. Cleanliness:
Please wear clean dancewear and attend to your personal hygiene. Dancing is a sport and dancers sweat!
Shower and use antiperspirant or deodorant (keep some in your dance bag). Show your respect by coming to class clean, neat, and well put together.

Dress Code
The dress code allows the teacher to see movement and make corrections. Being properly dressed shows the teacher you are serious about your art form. That includes not wearing underwear or bras beneath your leotard. Dancewear is designed to provide the needs of undergarments. If you must wear a bra please purchase a bra made for dance which will hide under your leotard and accommodate your line.

Class Manners
Dancers should be polite and attentive. It is bad manners to lean against the wall or barre, Sit down during class, yawn in class, talk to other dancers, giggle or chew gum during class. Rudeness to teachers, peers and guests is unacceptable in ballet, for which you may be dismissed from class. Personal Items:
Please do not put your bag or shoes on the seats in the waiting room. Look for the designated cubby areas to put your dance bags. Make sure it is safely out of the path of dancers and put it where you can keep an eye on it. Do not bring valuables to the studio. Please throw all trash and food in the waste baskets provided; we count on all dancers and family members to keep our community space clean and tidy. Food is never allowed in any dance studio.

Leaving Class
Dancers should always ask permission to leave the studio while class is in progress. To disappear from class without permission is unacceptable. If you must leave class early, quietly catch the teacher’s attention at the end of a combination, wave thank you or curtsy and silently leave. Always try to speak with the teacher before class begins to let them know you will have to leave early. This will cause less distraction and not disrupt the flow of class when you leave.

Taos Youth Ballet Uniforms
Childrens Ballet 1Light pink leotard with attached skirt, pink tights and pink ballet slippers
Childrens Ballet 2Purple leotard with attached skirt, pink tights and pink ballet slippers
Junior Ballet 1Royal blue leotard with pink transitional tights and pink ballet slippers
Junior Ballet 2Maroon leotard with pink transitional tights and pink ballet slippers
Senior Ballet 1Black leotard with pink transitional tights and pink ballet slippers
Senior Ballet 2Any color leotard with pink transitional tights and pink ballet slippers
How to buy Taos Youth Ballet Uniforms Online

1. Log in curtaincallforclass.com using: studio name (Taos Youth Ballet) passphrase (danceisgr8).

2. You will be directed to “My Studio’s Class List”. Scroll down and Select your Class in the tab.

3. Your class list will appear, you can select your choices from here.

4. Pay online & have it shipped to your house!

5. Sizing questions? The office carries sample sizes to try on. We also keep tights in stock at the studio for those “Tight emergencies”.


First Semester Calendar Fall 2017

July 17th: Returning student registration begins
July 24th: New student registration begins
Monday, August 14th: Junior Company Auditions 4:00-5:00
Monday, August 14th: Senior Company Auditions 5:00-6:00
Thursday, August 17th: Company Program begins
Monday, August 21st: All Studio Classes Begin, parents are invited in for the first class
September 25-30: Parent watch week & bring your Stuffed toy to ballet week
October 27-29th: COMPANY performance “The Ugly Duckling ”
October 24- October 31: Parent watch week & wear your costume to class week
November 27-30th: Parent watch week and bring a friend to class week
December 15th -17th: (Dates tentative) Company Performance “The Nativity Story”
Friday, December 22nd: Last day of Fall Semester
Monday, January 8th: First Day of Spring Semester! Welcome back!
January 29th -31st : Parent watch week
February 22nd-28th: Parent watch week